Nov 6, 2013 / 257 notes

This is Evan. He works at an awesome coffee cart called Ole Latte on SW Alder. They do a little something special that made my morning and probably makes a lot of people’s mornings every day. They have a “suspension board” or rather, a way you can show a little kindness to someone else by buying a coffee or scone or cookie for someone else to enjoy free of charge when you place your own order. 

Evan says, “The suspension board was an idea I learned about from a friend in New York. Anyone can use it. I don’t care if you show up in a Rolls-Royce that day. You know, maybe that person forgot their wallet or maybe they’re going through a really terrible divorce. Or maybe you’re a kid on the street who really needs it and comes by every day. That’s one of the great things about this board. There are a lot of great and interesting people in Portland living on the streets. Kind people. The pay it forward board gives me a way to interact with people who live on the streets. They’re just like everybody else, they just got the shit end of the stick. It’s nice to have an opportunity to talk to them besides on the street ‘Hey do you have a buck?’ Because that’s a crappy way to try and make friends.”