Aug 30, 2014 / 357 notes

He was drumming on an instrument in his car when I asked if I could talk with him. “Sure. Do you mind if I finish working out this beat first?” He tapped rhythmically with concentration. Then he looked up and smiled. “I just got this. I ordered it from Brazil. It’s called a Pandeiro.” 
"How is it different than a tambourine?" 
"The way you play it. Samba." He played for me again, then let me try it. 
"Is this what you do? Are you a drummer?" 
"Yeah. I play in a band called Pink Martini."


I just learned of the death of Derek Rieth, percussionist for the Portland band, Pink Martini. 

I met Derek through Humans of Portland back in February. (
The news of his tragic passing reminded me that I had unpublished photos from when we met. In memory of Derek, I wanted to publish them today.

Derek Rieth 
1971 - 2014